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Assisted Hatching

Assisted Hatching (AH) is the technique of thinning the shell or outer covering of an embryo. Assisted Hatching was developed  from the observation that embryos with a thin zona pellucida (shell) had a higher rate of implantation during IVF. It was predicted that helping the embryo hatch out of its shell would allow for a better chance of implantation in the endometrium.

The Assisted Hatching procedure is done in the lab.

The embryos selected for transfer and AH and held gently in place by a glass holding pipette, while a small pipette containing a solution that is used to thin or create a hole in the shell. The embryos are then rinsed to remove any excess solution and are returned to the incubator prior to your embryo transfer.

As with other assisted reproductive techniques, the use of Assisted Hatching does not guarantee that pregnancy will occur.

Before consenting for the Assisted Hatching procedure, your physician will discuss whether this procedure is in your best interest. There is a list of criteria that determines if one is a good candidate for the procedure.

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