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Can I Exercise During Fertility Treatment?

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For IUI and IVF treatments, there are specific guidelines for each woman to follow, including the amount of allowable exercise during fertility treatment. Many couples trying to conceive take particular care to avoid potential harmful foods, beverages, and lifestyle habits that could hinder the fertility process. Exercise is essential to maintain good health, regardless of your fertility condition. It’s important to follow a balanced diet and an active lifestyle to ensure you continue to enjoy a healthy and wonderful life. With fertility treatments, the type and amount of exercise you engage in can affect a successful treatment.

Can I Exercise While Trying to Conceive?

Exercise while trying to conceive is a necessity! Exercise not only provides a way to help maintain a healthy heart and body, but it offers a productive option to respond to stress, especially during fertility treatments. For those women wondering “can I run while trying to conceive”, the answer depends largely on your physical ability before treatments and the treatment itself. Most fertility research and recommendations warn against participating in high-intensity activities such as jumping and twisting motions. These motions alone could have an adverse effect on the ovaries during the delicate times of ovarian stimulation.

Exercise During IVF Treatment

With in vitro fertilization (IVF), the main goal is to collect eggs for fertilization with retrieved sperm in a laboratory to form a viable embryo. To ensure there are sufficient number of viable eggs, fertility drugs are prescribed over a 10-to-14-day process. To answer the age-old question “can I exercise during IVF treatment”, most fertility specialists recommend following a regular low-impact exercise routine in the first several days of this period. After this, the existing eggs are delicate and need protection from movement to prevent twisting of the blood supply. All exercise should be avoided from day 6 through 14.

What Exercise Can I Do During IVF?

During the early stimulation period, focus on exercises that do not require overstretching or inverted position. Try walking, swimming, and simple yoga movements.

What Exercise Should I Avoid During IVF?

The key with exercising during IVF treatment is to prevent disruption to the developing eggs and condition of the ovaries. Avoid skiing, snowboarding, kickboxing, running, and HIIT exercises.

Exercise During IUI Treatment

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) treatment involves controlling ovulation and insemination to transfer semen into the uterus. Women are encouraged to continue low-impact and moderate exercises during IUI treatment. The exception is to avoid exercise the day of the scheduled insemination.

What Exercise Can I Do During IUI?

As with IVF treatment, the fertility therapy involving IUI recommends participation in low- intensity workouts such as swimming, walking, or yoga.

What Exercise Should I Avoid During IUI?

The same can be said for IUI and IVF. High-intensity or rigorous movement such as heavy lifting, jumping, and extreme sports play are to be avoided.

General Guidelines for Exercise and Fertility Treatments

Exercise routines can be incorporated into the weeks leading up to, during, and after fertility treatments. In addition to supporting fertility treatments, exercise can enhance hormone balance, metabolism, circulation, and weight management.

Discuss Your Fitness Routine with a Doctor/Specialist

The type or amount of exercise a body can withstand during fertility treatments will be determined by the fertility specialist monitoring the therapy.

Avoid High Impact Workouts

Even the dedicated athletes will need to avoid certain exercise routines such as high-intensity workouts and sports. Often times, these types of exercises can redirect blood circulation away from the ovaries, uterus, and eggs.

Take a Break From Exercise During Certain Parts of the Cycle

Once an exercise regime has been discussed with the fertility specialist, it is important to refrain from exercise during critical periods of the treatment.

Take on Low-Intensity Activities for Stress Relief

Having fertility treatments can add extra physical, mental, and emotional stress on a person. Exercise offers an outlet. Low-impact exercises are encouraged during treatment.

Limit the Amount of Time You Spend Exercising

Low-impact exercise routines should be limited throughout the fertility treatment, including the days permittable. It is recommended to perform these exercises for 30-minute intervals two or three times per week.

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