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Semen Analysis FAQs

semen analysis at fertility clinic
Semen analysis is another step towards addressing infertility concerns for many couples. Male infertility can count for nearly one half of infertile couples.

As a semen analysis is a significant portion of fertility testing, the process can involve high emotions. Your fertility specialist can answer all of your questions, including the physical, emotional, and mental factors that can affect a male’s fertility. We have collected the most commonly asked questions by men in regard to sperm testing below.

What Does a Semen Analysis Test?

Commonly referred to as a sperm test count, a semen analysis focuses on seven factors:
  • Shape
  • Movement
  • Volume
  • Number per millilitre
  • Liquification
  • The chemical makeup
  • The viability of the man’s sperm
Any abnormalities within these parameters can reduce the chance of a successful implantation.

What Is Considered Normal Sperm Density?

The optical range of sperm density is between 15 million to more than 200 million sperm per millilitre of semen. Any samples containing less than 15 million results in a low sperm count category.

How Do I Prepare for a Sperm Analysis?

A man constantly produces new sperm which can take between 42 to 76 days for maturity. To prepare for a semen analysis, any lifestyle changes recommended by an infertility specialist need to be done months in advance of the testing. A semen analysis takes results from more than two samples over a period of time to compare stability of the sperm produced.

What Do I Collect My Sample In?

A sperm test requires a sample of the semen to be collected and submitted to the lab. Your fertility clinic specialist will provide the proper collection kit to ensure the semen can be stored in a sterilized container to prevent any impediments of the sample.

Do You Have a Place in Your Clinic to Collect the Sample?

Yes, ONE Fertility Kitchener Waterloo has a private semen collection room for our patients to use. If desired, you may be accompanied by your partner for the collection process.

Do I Need an Appointment if I’m Visiting the Clinic to Provide the Sample?

Yes, we ask that you make an appointment to use the semen collection room ahead of time.

Why Do I Have to Abstain from Sexual Activity Before My Test?

Although sperm is produced constantly, it is advised to withstand from sexual intercourse and masturbation for a period of two to five days before the semen is to be collected. Ejaculation affects the sperm’s motility and count. For an optimum semen analysis procedure, the “window” for abstinence will be suggested by your fertility specialist.

How Long Do I Have to Deliver the Sample?

Preservation of the semen sample is critical as the lifespan of sperm diminishes once it is outside of the body. If you cannot deliver the specimen within one hour, make an appointment to collect the sample at the fertility clinic.

What if I Don’t Deliver the Sample Within One Hour?

If the semen is not delivered to the fertility lab/clinic within one hour of ejaculation, the sample will be discarded. A new sample will be needed for testing.

Why Do I Need to Maintain the Temperature of the Sample?

In addition to time, semen is susceptible to exposure to temperatures outside of the body. It is vital that a sperm sample be maintained at body temperature to prevent low motility value and count. It is recommended to store the container with the semen sample as close to the body as possible, preferably under the arm until delivered to the clinic.

What if My Sample Is Rejected?

If due to timing, temperature, or another negative variant, the sperm sample is rejected by the clinic/lab, another sample may be submitted for testing three days after the last ejaculation.

Do I Have to Fill Out Any Kind of Form After Submitting the Sample?

For the semen analysis at our Kitchener Waterloo clinic, we do require the requisition form from your family physician, unless you are an existing client of our clinic. New clients will have to complete a form.

Can My Wife or Someone Submit My Sample?

No, we ask that you deliver your semen specimen to our clinic yourself. You will be required to present a valid health card at the time of drop off.

What If I Don’t Carry My Health Card at the Time of Sample Drop Off?

Unfortunately, due to government policy, a valid health card must be presented. Any semen samples delivered without a health card will be immediately rejected.

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