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Reducing the Stress and Anxiety Associated with IVF

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Dealing with infertility can be incredibly stressful for couples. And while it may feel like you are the only ones going through this difficult challenge, infertility is very common.

Approximately one in six couples in Canada experience infertility, which means that more people are undergoing fertility treatments like in vitro fertilization (IVF) than you probably realize.

While IVF may be a common treatment, that does not mean it’s easy. When preparing for IVF, many couples experience stress and anxiety related to IVF, there can be strong emotions and anticipation involved.

Prioritizing your mental health is extremely important and having the right mindset will help you to achieve better results.

Here is how to reduce IVF stress and anxiety, as well as how to keep your mental health in check during your IVF treatments.

Factors That Influence IVF Stress and Anxiety

There are factors that might cause IVF stress and anxiety. IVF treatment may be a completely new experience for you and therefore cause a lot of confusion. You may not be familiar with the process, treatment, or side effects, which range from hot flashes to mood swings. The procedure also requires various injections, sonograms, and blood tests, which could increase anxiety about IVF.

IVF treatment is a time-consuming and emotionally invasive procedure. Waiting to hear whether an egg was successfully retrieved, if fertilization has occurred, or if the embryo transfer was successful can take a toll on your work, family, and social life.

Alternately, you might feel uncomfortable about your fertility struggles especially if it conflicts with your religious, social, or moral values.

5 Ways to Reduce IVF Stress and Anxiety

IVF is a journey, and it takes time to achieve the results you are hoping for. When preparing for IVF and all throughout your IVF treatment, make sure to prioritize your mental health. And remind yourself that you are not alone on this journey.

Here is how you can reduce IVF stress and anxiety.

1. Do Your Research

The best way to combat IVF anxiety is to be informed. The more you know about what to expect during the IVF treatment and the more research you do on the procedure, the more you will feel prepared, and the less stress you will have.

Talk to your fertility doctor about the IVF process and find out what you need to know when preparing for IVF. Also, take some time to read articles online about IVF, collect resources from your fertility clinic, and, if possible, talk to other couples who’ve also undergone IV treatment.

2. Set Realistic Expectations

The success rate for IVF treatment for women under 35 years of age is around 40%.

Some women may get pregnant with the first cycle of IVF, but for others it may take five or six attempts. It is important to have realistic expectations and understand that it may take longer than you hoped to get pregnant.

The best way to reduce your IVF stress and anxiety is to maintain your normal life outside of infertility. After all, not all couples conceive each month, even if they don’t have conditions that impact fertility.

3. Prioritize Communication within Your Relationship

When preparing for IVF, it’s important for couples to remember that they are together in this journey. Your partner is likely experiencing the stress and anxiety with you surrounding IVF.

Try to openly discuss your wants, hopes, and fears with each other, and be compassionate when your partner expresses their feelings. You may also find it helpful to talk to a therapist about your IVF stress and anxiety.

Keep in mind that you need to focus on your relationship outside of your IVF treatment, too. Plan a weekly date night, take a simple 15-minute walk together, or do something you both enjoy getting your mind off of your fertility struggles.

4. Build Your Support Network

Sometimes it can be hard to talk to your friends and family about your IVF treatment. Some couples choose to keep their fertility treatments private, while others find comfort in talking to loved ones about their worries. Do what feels right for you and your partner.

IVF anxiety is normal, and there are many people who have experienced the similar emotions you might be feeling right now. It could be helpful to join an IVF support group online or in person if your fertility clinic has one. You can also speak to a therapist or counsellor about your IVF stress and anxiety. Sometimes it helps to talk to people who truly understand what you are going through and who have the tools to help you along this journey.

5. Prioritize Self-Care

Undergoing IVF treatment can be overwhelming and consume a lot of your energy. While it is important to focus on your treatment, it is also important to prioritize your self-care.

Take some time to unwind and engage in activities you enjoy, such as taking a bubble bath, exercising, meditating, gardening, reading, or indulging in your favourite foods. Moderate exercise like walking or dancing can release endorphins to help relieve IVF-related stress.

Putting yourself first and listening to what your mind and body need is a great way to reduce IVF stress and anxiety. Do not lose sight of the person you were before your fertility struggles!

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At ONE Fertility Kitchener Waterloo, our goal is to provide our patients with the best medical care and to support their needs as they embark on their fertility journey. We want to end the stigma surrounding IVF treatment and help our patients understand their treatment plan throughout the entire process. Our evidence-based medical approach and compassionate care ensure that each patient receives safe and high-quality fertility treatment.

To learn more about our state-of-the-art fertility clinic, our IVF treatment options, and counselling services to help you reduce IVF stress and anxiety, give us a call or send us an email and we would be happy to answer any questions you might have about our fertility services, including preparing for IVF. Located in Kitchener-Waterloo and Guelph, we welcome patients from Cambridge, Guelph, Woodstock, Listowel, Fergus, Elmira, Milton, Owen Sound, and other areas of Ontario.


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