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Words will never be enough to express our gratitude

My husband and I are not sure where to begin when talking about the brilliant team at One Fertility – I guess we should just start from the beginning!


From the day we walked in to One Fertility for our first appointment, we have been greeted by the bright smiles of the reception staff at each appointment. We feel such warmth from the wonderful ladies behind the counter and they have been rooting for us every step of the way – I truly believe that they wanted us to be parents just as much as we did! They answered all of my (millions of) questions with genuine care and accommodated my schedule every single appointment. Thank you so much to you wonderful ladies!


Then, of course, there are the lovely phlebotomists that work at this clinic. They made it so easy for my blood to be drawn (sometimes as often as every other day) and never got frustrated when my veins wouldn’t cooperate! I was overjoyed when I found out that I was successfully pregnant, but it takes quite a bit for me to cry – the phlebotomist that I had seen regularly, on the other hand, cried tears of joy when I told her! That meant so much to me – this team truly truly cares 🙂


The nurses and ultrasound technicians were so amazing to work with! They made every appointment such a breeze and made me feel at ease about my whole IVF journey, by exuding the confidence that they do, in everything they do! The encouragement that the nurses and ultrasound technicians provided during each of my procedures (including comforting me during egg retrievals) is beyond anything that I had ever expected of them. A moment that left me in awe was when I had to come in for an appointment on a statutory holiday and the nurse (who was feeling quite under the weather that day) took extra steps to ensure my body was recovering properly after my egg retrieval and even got Dr. Akinsooto on the phone with my husband and I to discuss next steps. Like I said above, this team truly cares and will go to whatever extent needed to help patients achieve their dreams of parenthood.


Another important individual throughout my journey was the One Fertility Social Worker. She took the time to listen to my fears and worries, and became a huge support during my journey. She would talk to me and provide her expertise about anything on my mind and I am so thankful for that.


Last but not least, Dr. Akinsooto is amazing. From day one, he made us feel comfortable and presented confidence that he would be able to help us achieve our dreams of becoming parents. He not once pushed us to make a certain decision and always honestly provided his advice and plan of action, leaving the decision making up to us. We followed his plan and are now successfully pregnant – something that we thought may never be possible given our circumstances.


I am sure there are several other members of the team that I have failed to mention – but the way this amazing team works together so seamlessly has truly been a blessing.


Thank you for everything you have all done! Words will never be enough to express our gratitude 🙂