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Important Tips to Consider when Travelling during Fertility Treatment

travelling during fertility treatment
After over a year of living in lockdown, quarantine, and a combination of the two, chances are that you’re probably itching to travel to some exotic destinations once it’s safe to do so. With vaccine rollouts underway in Canada and other parts of the world, the hope is that many of us will be able to safely travel again within the next few months. But what if you’re also planning on undergoing fertility treatment at the same time? Is travelling during fertility treatment safe or feasible? That depends on the specific treatment you’re undergoing, what stage you’re at, and your personal circumstances.

Travelling during fertility treatment isn’t always off limits, but it’s important to talk to a specialist at your fertility clinic before making any concrete travel plans.

When Is It a Good Time to Travel during IVF or IUI Treatment?

The amount of planning and the length of your trip will depend on whether you’re getting IVF or IUI treatment at the moment.

Travelling during IVF Treatment

If you’re planning a trip while undergoing IVF treatment, you’ll need to carefully iron out the details of your voyage with your infertility counselling specialist. Certain portions of IVF treatment require you to remain in town as you’ll have to go through daily in-office monitoring. Plus, your egg retrieval procedure must be precisely timed to facilitate success.

If you must travel during IVF treatment for a family emergency or other important reasons, make sure you coordinate your schedule with your fertility clinic.

Travelling during IUI Treatment

Travelling during IUI treatment is a little easier as it’s a less complicated procedure. Depending on the stage of the treatment, you may be able to take a short trip such as a weekend getaway if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed. This may even improve your chances of conceiving a child. As always, make sure to notify your fertility clinic and consult with your specialist before making your travel plans or booking accommodations.

Preparing for Travel during Fertility Treatments

Suffering from infertility can be extremely stressful for you and your partner, especially if you’ve been trying to conceive a child or carry a pregnancy to term for a long time. Sometimes, a short getaway is just what you and your partner need to clear your minds and gain a little perspective.

Here are some tips for travelling during fertility treatments:
  • Ask your fertility specialist to draft an official letter stating that you’re travelling with medications.
  • Store all of your medications in your carry-on bag, not your luggage (in case it gets lost).
  • If travelling by plane, look into your airline’s guidelines or policies for travelling with medications.
  • Inform customs officers that you’re travelling with medications and explain why.
  • Purchase a small cooler or ice packs for medications that require refrigeration.
  • Research nearby medical facilities in the region you’re travelling to.
  • Get the appropriate vaccinations required for your travel destination in advance and avoid countries where the Zika virus is prevalent.
  • Stay on schedule with all medications and set reminders if necessary.

Fertility Treatment at ONE Fertility Kitchener Waterloo

If you’re planning on travelling while undergoing IVF or IUI treatment at our fertility clinic, we ask that you please advise us immediately. At ONE Fertility Kitchener Waterloo, our top priority is to provide high-quality and compassionate patient care, no matter what your needs are. Contact us today to book a consultation with one of our fertility specialists.


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