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Fertility Treatment Options for Single Women in Ontario

fertility treatment women ontario
When it comes to conceiving a healthy baby, single women in Ontario and across Canada have more options than ever before. Some women want to become mothers and raise a child on their own without having to become a wife. Others simply haven’t found the right partner yet, but they want to get moving and start a family sooner rather than later. Whatever the circumstances are, modern fertility clinics provide a plethora of fertility treatment options for single women of all ages, backgrounds, and sexual orientations in a compassionate, judgement-free zone. The goal is to find the right treatment option for your specific needs and find a specialist that can guide you towards successfully conceiving a healthy baby. Keep reading to learn more about all of these fertility treatment options.

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

IVF is comprised of a series of complex fertility procedures. It starts with closely monitoring and manipulating the woman’s ovulatory process to produce mature eggs. The mature eggs are then collected and removed from the woman’s ovaries. In a lab, the eggs are fertilized with the chosen sperm. Once one of the eggs is fertilized, it’s transferred back into the woman’s uterus to be carried to term. Women have the option of choosing a known or anonymous sperm donor, harvesting the remaining eggs for future use, carrying the embryo themselves, or hiring a surrogate to carry the embryo.

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

IUI, which is also known as artificial insemination, is a quick and convenient procedure that can be done in a few minutes. A minimally invasive procedure, IUI involves transferring purified donor or anonymous sperm directly into the uterus as close to the mature egg as possible through the vagina to increase the chances of fertilization. Women who undergo this procedure have a 10% to 20% chance of conception. The likelihood increases with every IUI cycle.

Therapeutic Donor Insemination (TDI)

Viable donor sperm is one of the key ingredients to achieving successful pregnancy. You have two options for obtaining donor sperm:
  • Ask a trusted friend or family member to donate their sperm
  • Or use an anonymous sperm donor that’s been carefully vetted by a reputable fertility clinic
Whichever option you choose, make sure to get your lawyer to draw up the appropriate contracts to avoid potential legal complications down the line.

Donor Egg

After consulting with your fertility doctor, you may discover that you need a donor egg for one reason or another. Donor eggs are usually supplied by young women in their 20s and 30s. This means that their eggs are healthy and viable, which increases the chances of achieving a successful pregnancy. Your fertility clinic can help you find a suitable donor egg.

Fertility Treatment Choices for Single Women at ONE Fertility Kitchener Waterloo

The staff at ONE Fertility Kitchener Waterloo are committed to providing all of our patients with high-quality and compassionate fertility care. If you’re a single woman in Ontario who’s looking to get pregnant and start a family on your own, we want you to know that you do have options. Contact our fertility clinic today to learn more about your fertility treatment options and decide which one is right for you.


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