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When to Seek Infertility Counselling

Infertility Counselling
Both men and women facing infertility may benefit from infertility counselling in Kitchener-Waterloo. Infertility counselling is an integral part of infertility treatment as the process can impact one’s physical, mental, and emotional health, not to mention the family’s financial state. 
Through individual and couples therapy, an infertility counsellor can help navigate through the mixed emotions that can surface. While couples fertility counselling in Kitchener-Waterloo may not provide concrete answers, this type of treatment can help address the issues at hand and offer solutions. 
Here’s how to know whether you and your partner could benefit from infertility counselling in Kitchener-Waterloo.

If Infertility Is Affecting Your Relationship

One of the most significant signs that infertility counselling is required is when fertility issues begin to affect your partnership negatively. The individuals involved can suffer from stress when fertility treatments do not work, especially after a few failed attempts. When emotions run high, criticism can quickly turn into blame.
For a select few, the process may bring the couple closer together. But for the majority, it can drive a wedge in their relationship as feelings of anger, hopelessness, and blame can begin to develop.
Infertility counselling provides a safe, compassionate, judgment-free zone for couples to voice their uncontrollable emotions towards each other. 

If Fertility Issues Are Taking Over Your Life

Often, the thought and desire for a family can take control over one or both partner’s life. The daily tasks of living, working, and socializing can seem overwhelming and force some people to withdraw into themselves. 
Thankfully, infertility counselling can provide coping skills to couples. By accepting one’s own emotions, the road of infertility treatment can be manageable. For some couples, this may see further treatments with anxiety or depression medication, while others may require a template of how to navigate treatment and everyday life. 

If It’s the Next Steps after Diagnosis

A diagnosis of infertility results in many questions, in addition to many different emotions. An infertility counsellor can help with any questions and what to expect. Couples should understand that the counsellor’s role is to help guide the couple through the process, but the final decision is up to the partners involved.
Understanding all available options and choices is the first step after the infertility diagnosis. Depending on the physical and emotional states of each person involved, the alternatives can be overwhelming. And this is when the infertility counsellor’s role can really help couples. 
For those who receive a diagnosis of secondary infertility, infertility counselling is vital to the treatment process. This helps the medical team understand the reason for recurring pregnancy losses or why infertility exists after a previous successful pregnancy. 

If You Are Considering Adoption

If the chosen option for a couple is adoption, counselling can play a huge role in the process. Adoption is more than a commitment; it is a choice.
The adoption process can be a long road for some couples. And it can also result in high stress and anxiety, just like infertility treatments can.
It is important to understand the adoption process before deciding to apply. A counsellor who specializes in adoptions can help with the process and support the couple along the way. Discussing this option may also indicate whether the couple should wait or begin the process immediately. 

If You Are Looking into Other Treatments Options 

Couples who are considering other forms of infertility treatments are prime candidates for infertility counselling. Professional fertility clinics have infertility counselling included in their treatment process since the available options can be a complex to navigate.
Counselling can especially benefit couples who are considering the using the sperm, embryo, or egg(s) from a donor bank or someone they know. The physical constrains of these options can also cause emotions to run high. 

If Your Are Stopping Treatments 

The path of infertility treatments can be short or long depending on the individual process. There may come a time when a couple realizes that treatments are not a viable solution anymore. 
Whether the reason is medical, emotional, or financial, the decision to stop treatments can be devastating to say the least. can help both parties acknowledge this end result. Ending treatment is tough for couples to accept and needs to be dealt with by having the professional support of an infertility counsellor.

If All Parties Are in Distress

Infertility is an experience that emotionally affects all parties involved but in different ways. The potential child bearer may take the rollercoaster of emotions more personal than their partner or vice versa. Aside from any adverse effect on the relationship, negative self-talk can be just as emotionally damaging. 
An infertility counsellor can help a couple uncover their own emotions and communicate their needs and desires. Therapy sessions may be done separately before a joined session, which allows the couple to reveal their emotions to each other. 

If Feelings of Guilt Are Taking Over

Feelings of shame, regret, and guilt are common amongst couples experiencing fertility issues. Infertility counselling helps couples process these feelings, especially when blame game comes into play regarding genetics, past sexual activity, or even for allowing significant time to pass before trying to conceive. 

Infertility Counselling at ONE Fertility

For compassionate and specialized infertility counselling, contact our friendly advisors at ONE Fertility Kitchener Waterloo. The knowledgeable team at our clinic can support you with your emotional challenges and help you understand all available options. Our evidence-based medical approach to fertility allows our certified team members to customize a treatment plan for you with scientific methods.
Let our respectful and understanding staff guide you through your journey. Book a consultation with one of our infertility counsellors today!

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